Solvedui grid Angular 1.6 - Possibly unhandled rejection: canceled

Click on column header to sort data and it throws "Possibly unhandled rejection: canceled" error under Angular 1.6.

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For anyone that wants a workaround (not recommended, though), you can globally silence unhandled promise rejections like this —

app.config(['$qProvider', function ($qProvider) {

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Any idea about when is ui-grid planning to support Angular JS 1.6 version?

This is a result of timeout.cancel (about 8 times in code). UI-Grid creates own promise with .then(), right after defining the cancel. This is the main offender, but there are others:

 Grid.prototype.queueRefresh = function queueRefresh() {
                    var self = this;

                    if (self.refreshCanceller) {

                    self.refreshCanceller = $timeout(function () {

                    self.refreshCanceller.then(function () {
                        self.refreshCanceller = null;

                    return self.refreshCanceller;

simple change to the then part to

self.refreshCanceller.then(function () {
                        self.refreshCanceller = null;
                    }, angular.noop)

+1 support angular 1.6

Any update on this?

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