SolvedAlamofireImage af_setImage doesn't work well with iOS 13

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I'm having problems with Alamofire image with iOS 13, some images are loaded and placed, but other not. Is this a known problem with iOS 13? How can I fix it?

Alamofire Environment

**Alamofire version: 4.8.2
**Alamofire Image version: 3.5.2
**Xcode version: 11
**Swift version: 4
**Platform(s) running AlamofireImage: iOS 13
macOS version running Xcode:

Demo Project

Please link to or upload a project we can download that reproduces the issue.

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In my case, I add support to the "application/octet-stream" into the acceptableImageContentTypes fix my problem


In iOS 13 Release note have the following statement:

To enhance security, URLSession no longer sniffs the MIME type when the server sends Content-Type: application/octet-stream. (7820658)