SolvedAddon Addon Unavailable on Google Chrome

Has the addon been removed from the webstore? The URL listed here is responding with a 404 error. It's not coming up in search either.

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Unfortunate, but not unexpected move by Google. Thanks for appealing this @KevinRoebert

For new users, you can still grab the extension (.crx file) in the releases:

Drag-and-drop that file into your chrome browser.

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I have come across this issue via hackernews. I do not use Google Chrome or this extension and I have nothing but the utmost respect for people offering their free time and ability to code something for the common good and people.
And I do not want to be callous but wanting privacy and thereby installing this extension, on Chrome or Chromium mind you, is a contradiction in itself. It furthers the foothold of Google's in the Internet ecosystem and lessens that of e.g. Vivaldi, IE(yes, it is about diversity), Firefox, Brave, etc.
Google at this point will continue to move against these type of extensions because of its prevalence these days.
It is nice that you find solutions now, but, if you do not vote with your feet, your efforts will be futile in the long run as the platform not the problem-domain is the enemy here. Less extensions for a platform do mean that it is less attractive for non technical people as well. The changes to the APIs in Chrome and the problems they pose for e.g. adblock-developers and the fact that Google intentionally broke youtube to get people to move from others browsers over to Chrome pay tribute to that.

So , with that in mind, seeing this discussion play out is somewhat amusing.

To the addon-developer, I hope they see reason.

Thanks for the tip
Let me provide the steps for my browser Vivaldi (Chromium based):

  1. Open Extensions page via "Tools -> Extensions" menu item or enter vivaldi://extensions/ in URL var
  2. Turn on Developer Mode if not already (can be turned off after installation)
    2.1 Refresh the page after Developer Mode turned on (Or you can't install by dragging file)
  3. Download .crx file from somewhere (probably Releases Page)
  4. Drag downloaded .crx file into refreshed Extensions page

I tested once on Chrome 89 and steps seem to be similar
Except to visit Extensions page: chrome://extensions/ or "Three dots -> More Tools -> Extensions"


What you can do is stop using Google products and rewarding their predatory behaviour. This attempt is good for Google but it's also good for everyone who needs a kick in the ass to switch away from Chrome. We need variety in the browser space, not domination like we had with IE. Use another browser, let Chrome be Chrome and if everyone acts like you, it will die by its own hand just like IE did.

Solved 🍾

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