SolvedConEmu Active tab is hard to see

Good morning Maxim,

I'd like again raise the question about the visibility of the active tab (not in the sense of active split area as Vitaly mentioned in the issue #164, but directly the tab area). Under WIndows 10 (and I guess Windows 8) the default difference between active and inactive tab is almost invisible, which makes it hard to work.
You can check what I mean with the following screenshots:

Thank you and regards,

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So here's a more concrete proposal: have tab templates support a new %* token for the Selected tab, which would translate to ⬤ in the tab name. See it here in action:


From a19bb4b8fb0185c6c6bf5cf50c5273d9a39b9ee7 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Christian Boos <>
Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2016 23:49:53 +0100
Subject: [PATCH] gh-552: Add %* format in tab templates for selected indicator

 src/ConEmu/ConEmu.rc         | 2 +-
 src/ConEmu/TabBar.cpp        | 6 ++++++
 src/ConEmuCD/ConsoleMain.cpp | 2 +-
 3 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/src/ConEmu/ConEmu.rc b/src/ConEmu/ConEmu.rc
index 5f1f4a2..e9ec0f6 100644
--- a/src/ConEmu/ConEmu.rc
+++ b/src/ConEmu/ConEmu.rc
@@ -1007,7 +1007,7 @@ BEGIN
     RTEXT           "Charset:",stTabFontCharset,225,79,90,8
     EDITTEXT        tTabConsole,58,130,106,12,ES_AUTOHSCROLL
-    LTEXT           "%s - Title, %c - Console #, %n - Active process name, %p - PID,\n%a - ‘Admin’, %d - current shell directory, %f - folder, %% - %",stTabTemplateDescr,57,110,314,16
+    LTEXT           "%s - Title, %c - Console #, %n - Active process name, %p - PID, %* - Selected tab\n%a - ‘Admin’, %d - current shell directory, %f - folder, %% - %",stTabTemplateDescr,57,110,314,16
     RTEXT           "Maximum tab width (in chars):",stTabLenMax,8,168,123,8
     EDITTEXT        tTabLenMax,135,166,40,12,ES_AUTOHSCROLL
     EDITTEXT        tAdminSuffix,301,189,72,12,ES_AUTOHSCROLL
diff --git a/src/ConEmu/TabBar.cpp b/src/ConEmu/TabBar.cpp
index 5c912e1..60d0d61 100644
--- a/src/ConEmu/TabBar.cpp
+++ b/src/ConEmu/TabBar.cpp
@@ -1597,6 +1597,12 @@ int CTabBarClass::PrepareTab(CTab& pTab, CVirtualConsole *apVCon)
 					_wsprintf(szTmp, SKIPLEN(countof(szTmp)) _T("%i"), pTab->Info.nIndex);
 					pszText = szTmp;
+				case _T('*'): // %* - Selected tab indicator
+					if (gpConEmu->isVConValid(apVCon) == GetCurSel() + 1)
+					{
+						pszText = L"\x2b24";  /*"⬤"*/
+					}
+					break;
 				case _T('p'): case _T('P'): // %p - Active process PID
 					if (!apVCon || !apVCon->RCon())
diff --git a/src/ConEmuCD/ConsoleMain.cpp b/src/ConEmuCD/ConsoleMain.cpp
index 71d2180..0e8cb5c 100644
--- a/src/ConEmuCD/ConsoleMain.cpp
+++ b/src/ConEmuCD/ConsoleMain.cpp
@@ -6980,7 +6980,7 @@ bool IsKeyboardLayoutChanged(DWORD* pdwLayout)
 				wchar_t szErr[80];
 				_wsprintf(szErr, SKIPCOUNT(szErr) L"ConsKeybLayout failed with code=%u forcing to GetKeyboardLayoutName or 0409", nErr);
-				_ASSERTE(FALSE && "ConsKeybLayout failed");
+				// _ASSERTE(FALSE && "ConsKeybLayout failed");
 				if (!GetKeyboardLayoutName(szCurKeybLayout) || (szCurKeybLayout[0] == 0))

@Maximus5, if you like the proposal and would prefer a proper pull request instead of a patch, please tell me.

(the patch also contains an unrelated change in src/ConEmuCD/ConsoleMain.cpp which avoids a "trap" dialog on startup)

Other Answers:

I experimented with several iterations, and found that this snippet works great with the new selected tab indicator

%m ★ <m%M|M%c%m>m%M|M %s%m ★ m

I can always see which tab I'm on... No more guessing.


For a really visible big black square on active tab, go to:
Settings → Main → Tab Bar → Console, and then paste:

%m m %s

Works great 👌

Just a thought: what about altering the formatting of the tab number?

The tabs have currently the following text content:

| <1> cmd.exe | <2> cmd.exe Admin | <3> bash.exe | 

I think it would already be helpful to hint at the active tab at the level of the tab number:

| <1> cmd.exe | *2* cmd.exe Admin | <3> bash.exe | 

(or use some more fancy unicode bracket characters, like ❰2❱, if that's possible in that place)

Alternatively, only keep <n> for the active tab:

| 1: cmd.exe | <2>: cmd.exe Admin | 3: bash.exe | 

Other than maybe putting #552 (comment) @cboos solution into the default config (I'm personally using %m⬤ m), this works great.

Thanks for the great software @Maximus5 !

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