SolvedBetterDiscordApp A better installer for linux?

Please, please improve BetterDiscord installer for Linux. It is so buggy, and seem not being updated anymore.

  1. Text on DialogBox and FileBrowser doesn't display correctly. I tried to install the font provided, it doesn't help.
  2. Uninstall button literally do nothing.
  3. Too complicated. Just follow the steps found in still doesn't enough. More tricks found in Youtube required to make things work. Hope to get something that is easier to use.

Using Fedora 27
screenshot from 2018-01-09 19-01-02

10 Answers

✔️Accepted Answer is a script that works along with Assumes by default that discord will be at /opt/discord, /opt/discord-canary, or /opt/discord-ptb, your Discord modules will be at ~/.config/discord/0.0.X/modules, and that you keep an up-to-date copy of BetterDiscordApp's stable16 tree at /usr/lib/betterdiscord-rauenzi-git for symbolic linking. All of those assumptions can be changed to work with whatever your distro or custom setup uses (read the --help). If you use Arch Linux and the discord AUR package, just installing betterdiscord-rauenzi-git and running betterdiscordctl install should be enough. (I may end up moving the script into an actual repo soon.)

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