Solvedalacritty #3315 breaks arrow key navigation in Neovim

With #3315 merged, navigation inside of Neovim with arrow keys is broken.

What happens is that the key press seems to trigger twice.
So if I hit up arrow, the cursor will jump up to rows instead of one and so on.
This happens in drop down prompts and other UI elements as well if navigated with the arrow keys.

If I rollback to the commit before #3315 (64db7d3), everything works fine again.


OS: Gentoo Linux
Version: alacritty 0.5.0-dev (1a8cd17)
WM: Sway (Wayland)

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For everyone pinging that issue. This is not really an issue that we broke a config file from a v0.3.3 version, you don't need custom bindings to make arrow keys working, all bindings are builtin inside of alacritty for a long time already, so you should only define the ones you actually created yourself or fix old bindings by fixing their mode properly (by adding mode: ~Vi to them), instead of bumping this "issue" with your very old bindings.

Other Answers:

Well, than it's time to change them if you want this issue fixed(just look at our default config), as I said, we're working on some fix to remove builtin bindings more aggressively, which will break some new bindings in this particular case, since we have arrow keys now mapped in addition in Vi mode. just remove all your bindings if you've never changed them and it'll work just fine.

Note, there's no guarantee that we won't break bindings before v1.0.0, it wasn't even a break, since our logic works as expected. And you're expected to have 2 mappings with old bindings now, because they differ from new builtin ones.

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alacritty #3315 breaks arrow key navigation in Neovim
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