SolvedCura 2.6 Filament Diameter and Nozzle Temp Ignored

I'm using Cura 2.6 on Windows, this is a clean install with no previous profiles. My machine is set to custom with 1.75mm filament. I have created a filament profile as well with 1.72mm as the mean diameter and 210*C printing temperature. I have tried using both versions of Marlin (standard and volumetric), but standard always under-extrudes and volumetric always over-extrudes.

When viewing the full list of slicing settings, I am able to see the proper filament diameter and temperature settings. However, when the model is sliced, there are 2 problems.

  1. It always uses a print temperature of 200*C. I have tried using different baked in profiles as well as adjusting the value in the slicing settings by hand, but nothing seems to change the generated gcode print temperature.
  2. It always slices assuming filament is 2.85mm diameter, but the preview estimation stats are correct. For example, a solid 2cm cube slices and when it is complete, the stats in the bottom right say it will use 2.2m of filament (I forget the actual value but it is close to 2.2). This is correct for 1.75mm filament. However, when importing the generated gcode into repetier host, it shows that only 0.8m of filament are actually being used. When printing, it shows that in fact 0.8m is accurate as the print is severely under-extruding. This is using the standard Marlin gcode flavor. Using volumetric seems to do the opposite and results in severe over-extrusion.

Increasing the flow multiplier in Cura to 270% fixes the problem and prints nicely, but this is a bit hacky and doesn't address the cause. Additionally, I still can not figure out any way to adjust the sliced print temperature.

Let me know if you need more info!


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Thanks for reporting. I have made a fix here:

You can actually help testing this fix:

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