SolvedPrivateBin 1.3 doesn't work in browsers that don't support webassembly (Tor Browser)


Steps to reproduce

  1. Open instance with version 1.3 in TorBrowser e.g.

What happens

You won't see an editor or content

What should happen

You should see editor/content

Additional information

Screenshot from 2019-07-10 10-21-09

Basic information

Server address:

Browser: TorBrowser 8.5.4 (based on Mozilla Firefox 60.8.0esr) (64-bit)

PrivateBin version: 1.3

I can reproduce this issue on Yes

Maybe related to #441?

21 Answers

✔️Accepted Answer

16 says:

Bug 21549: Disable wasm for now until it is properly audited

Mentioned bug:

Other Answers:

Thanks to the above provided about:config flag that lets us control WASM in firefox, I had the opportunity to play around with the browsers behaviour when webcrypto API is enabled, but WASM isn't.

Two thoughts:

  1. While we had added a feature discovery for the webcrypto API and WASM to display a meaningful error message and the unit tests proved this to be working, in the browser the missing WASM causes zlib.js to error out which leads to privatebin.js awaiting zlib forever, so no error message does get displayed. This obviously needs fixing in zlib.js and/or privatebin.js - may be as simple as ensuring the feature detection is executed earlier then the zlib await in privatebin.js.
  2. We only use WASM for the zlib library and compression. Our current logic already supports disabling of compression globally. If the point above is resolved, the crypto logic can automatically fall back to produce a paste with compression disabled - This means that a browser without WASM support could create pastes and at least read those without compression, just not the pastes/comments with compression enabled - we could display a meaningful warning in that case, so the user learns about the limitations of her/his browser (maybe create with an FAQ entry, so we can give hints about Torbrowser, Firefox ESR or enabling WASM, if disabled). This would be an improvement over not being able to create pastes at all.

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