SolvedNodeBB (suggestion) On NodeBB 1.8, do not activate Composer Redactor on Chat (by default)

  • NodeBB version: 1.8
  • NodeBB git hash: 2244026
  • Database type: mongo
  • Database version: v3.6.3
  • Exact steps to cause this issue:

The server is configured with : Persona Theme and Composer Redactor

The Composer Redactor is activated on chat, and the fact the "enter key" do not send the message disturb users.

  • What you expected:
  • What happened instead:

Enter key sends message. Or Composer Default activated on chat by default

14 Answers

✔️Accepted Answer

Do this:

npm i nodebb-plugin-composer-redactor@3.1.0 --save
./nodebb stop && ./nodebb build && ./nodebb start

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