Solvedant design pro 🐛[BUG] Login doesn't work properly if /api/currentUser route is protected

🐛 Bug description

I protected route /api/currentUser. Its redirecting to Login page if its is not authenticated. This is a right behaviour but the problem is once after entering correct credential still its redirecting to the Login page. If you try to login twice it works.

📷 Recurring step

1.Protect /api/currentUser route

🏞 Desired result

Login should happen after entering proper credenctial.

💻 Complex modern code

Feels like following flags are not working properly... After login, loading flag shows as false always...

if ((!isLogin && loading) || !isReady) {
return ;
if (!isLogin) {
return <Redirect to={/user/login?${queryString}}>;

© Version Information

  • Ant Design Pro 4.0.0
  • linux
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✔️Accepted Answer

I can also confirm that I've been hit by this. It's much simpler to reproduce also, if one follows the instructions here and without making any modifications, login to the /welcome page only works if credentials are entered twice.

The connect function in SecurityLayout.tsx is called twice with very different payloads, which is where I believe the problem lies, first time with parameters that seem to be coming from routing and the second time with parameters coming from the user state.

Other Answers:

Same Issue I am facing.
Without making any changes to the code , Even new bootstrap code itself having the same issue.

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