Solvedangular ɵDomAnimationEngine and ɵNoopAnimationEngine module missing in animations 4.2.1

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Current behavior
After upgrading platform-browser and animations to 4.2.1 I get the following error

WARNING in ./~/@angular/platform-browser/@angular/platform-browser/animations.es5.js
329:2-21 "export 'ɵDomAnimationEngine' was not found in '@angular/animations/browser'

WARNING in ./~/@angular/platform-browser/@angular/platform-browser/animations.es5.js
382:43-63 "export 'ɵNoopAnimationEngine' was not found in '@angular/animations/browser'

ERROR in /mypath/node_modules/@angular/platform-browser/animations/src/providers.d.ts (8,119): Module '"/mypath/node_modules/@angular/animations/browser"' has no exported member 'ɵDomAnimationEngine'.

Expected behavior
No typescript errors

Minimal reproduction of the problem with instructions
Create angular cli project with 4.2.1 versions of angular packages and run ng serve

Please tell us about your environment:

  • Angular version: 2.0.X

  • Language: [all | TypeScript X.X | ES6/7 | ES5]
    Typescript 2.3.4

40 Answers

✔️Accepted Answer

@dubedoy I installed @angular/animations@4.1.3 and it worked again.

Other Answers:

@cortopy, the new version doesn't fix the issue.
@Parziphal, this version still works.

Using "@angular/animations": "4.1.3" fixed the issue for me. Be sure that you use fixed version, without ^

As for me, the new version doesn't work correctly.
4.1.3 worked correctly

@angular/animations 4.2.2 was failing with the message
@angular/platform-browser/animations/src/providers.d.ts (8,119): Module @angular/animations/browser has no exported member 'ɵDomAnimationEngine'
The issue was resolved by reverting to @angular/animations 4.1.3

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